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Patient Information for NHS Patients

Where can I see a surgeon from the BSA Group?

We believe that it is important that all patients receive prompt and high quality care. If you are an NHS patient you can choose to receive treatment from any of the BSA consultants at one of the sites where we work. We offer NHS outpatient appointments at:

  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BRI; SLH or Westwood Park)
  • The Yorkshire Clinic
  • Eccleshill Treatment Centre
  • Westcliffe GP Practice, Shipley
  • Nuffield Hospital Leeds
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How can I see a surgeon from the BSA Group?

  • The BSA can only see you with a referral from your GP.
  • As an NHS patient you are entitled to ask for a referral for specialist treatment within the NHS. You have a right to choose the hospital you would like to be seen in. You can also ask to be seen by a specific consultant team.
  • When you see your GP ask for a written referral to a member of the BSA team, alternatively either you or your GP can book into one of our outpatient clinics on the NHS ‘e-Referral’ system.

What to expect

After receiving your GP referral you will receive an appointment for an initial consultation. During this appointment you will have an opportunity to discuss your condition with a consultant from the BSA team. You may receive an examination which for some conditions may involve a short internal examination of the back passage (anus). This will only last a couple of minutes and will usually take place in the presence of a chaperone.

Where will my tests take place?

Where your tests take place depend on where your initial consultation takes place.

  • X-rays and CT, MRI and Ultrasound scans are performed at either BRI; SLH or The Yorkshire Clinic.
  • Endoscopic procedures (Gastroscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy) take place at BRI; The Yorkshire Clinic or Eccleshill Treatment Centre
  • For more specialised tests it is likely that these will take place at Bradford Royal Infirmary regardless of where your initial consultant was held.
  • Following your appointment we will arrange any diagnostic test which may be required including blood tests, X-rays, scans or camera tests (Endoscopy).
  • Once we have the results we will be in touch in writing or arrange to see you in the clinic to discuss any plans for treatment or further investigation.

Who will perform my operation?

You can choose the surgeon you would like to perform your surgery. You can discuss this with your doctor in the clinic. However the unique arrangement of the BSA means that your operation can be performed by any member of the BSA group. Working as a team ensures that you will have the minimum wait for your surgery.

What if I have concerns after discharge?

You will be given written discharge information and advice from the ward nursing staff at the time you are discharged from hospital.

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If you have concerns after discharge you should contact the ward who will be able to discuss your case with a consultant from the BSA group. We will then arrange for you to be seen and assessed by one of our experienced consultant surgeons as necessary.