Private Patients

Patient Information for Private Patients

Where can I see a surgeon from the BSA Group?

The BSA group work closely with all the major health insurance providers and Ramsay Healthcare to offer the highest quality care. There is also the option to ‘Self-Pay’ if you currently do not have private Health Insurance. By working as a team the BSA group are able to offer daily daytime and evening appointments ensuring you receive prompt assessment or review at your convenience. The BSA also offers weekend appointments to fit around your personal commitments. We offer private outpatient appointments at:

  • The Yorkshire Clinic
  • Nuffield Hospital Leeds

How can I see a surgeon from the BSA Group privately?

A consultant from the BSA can see you with a written referral from your GP. The letter can be faxed or posted to the BSA Office.

Alternatively if you have made an appointment over the telephone you can bring the referral letter with you to your outpatient appointment.

What to expect

After receiving your GP referral you will receive an appointment for an initial consultation. During this appointment you will have an opportunity to discuss your condition with a consultant from the BSA team.

You may receive an examination which for some conditions may involve a short internal examination of the back passage (anus). This will only last a couple of minutes and will usually take place in the presence of a chaperone.

Where will my tests take place?

Where your tests take place depend on where your initial consultation takes place.

The majority of you tests will take place at The Yorkshire Clinic or The Nuffield Hospital Leeds. For more specialised tests it is possible that you will need to attend Bradford Royal Infirmary. You will be seen back at The Yorkshire Clinic or The Nuffield Hospital for the results once these have taken place.

Where will I have my operation?

Most operations can be performed as a day case, a single day in hospital without an overnight stay. Some patients may require either an overnight stay or an extended period of recovery in hospital and this will usually be in The Yorkshire Clinic. If you need to stay in hospital you will be seen daily by your consultant or by a member of the BSA group. Together with the nursing staff we aim to ensure you receive the highest standards of care to meet your individual needs. For patients who require major surgery it is possible that this will take place at Bradford Royal Infirmary through the York Suite, which is the private ward.

Who will perform my operation?

You can choose the surgeon you would like to perform your surgery. You can discuss this with your doctor in the clinic. However the unique arrangement of the BSA means that your operation can be performed by any member of the BSA group. Working as a team ensures that you will have the minimum wait for your surgery.

What if I have concerns after discharge?

You will be given written discharge information and advice from the ward nursing staff at the time you are discharged from hospital. If you have concerns after discharge you should contact the ward who will be able to discuss your case with a consultant from the BSA group. We will then arrange for you to be seen and assessed by one of our experienced consultant surgeons as necessary.

How much does private surgery cost?

Most surgical procedures are performed on a fixed price basis. There will be a separate fee for the initial consultation and any diagnostic tests. For details of costs and help with insurance coverage please contact one of our experienced secretaries who will be able to assist you.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment or talk to someone about private general surgery with the BSA please contact the BSA office.